Expresso Game Template

edition 1.0
by heavyz

"Expresso Game Template" is expected to be a general-purpose game template, written in Java, that can be reused for developping different kinds of games such as RPG or ACT. It provides a game framework, just like the Entreprise JavaBeans providing a framework for developping reusable business components.

The Expresso Game Template uses the MVC design pattern. It divides the game framework into model, view and controller, and is expected to be able to support network game developping. The model part is in charge of the game logic; the view part is in charge of how to draw the game onto the screen according to its logical status; and the controller part is in charge of reading user's inputs. So, while developping a network game, a rich client can be created to hold the view part and the controller part, while the model part will reside at the server side. The client will read the user's inputs, encapsulize them into "controller commands", and pass them to the server; the server will update its model according to the user's inputs, generate "view commands" according to the model, and pass them back to the client. At last, the client will draw the game onto the user's screen according to the "view commands" that it receives.

The first version of "Expresso Game Template" is developped by a chinese Java developper called ZHENG Zhong (but he prefers to call himself heavyz), from 2002-10 to 2002-12, during the spare time of his internship at Sun Microsystems, iForce Ready Center Paris. Every noon, after diner, he was used to take a cup of coffee called "Expresso". That's why he calls this project "Expresso". ;-)

Now the first runnable version of "Expresso Game Template" is ready to use, and a small game "pacman" has been developped using EGT. But network has not been supported yet, and there are lots of things left to do.

This project is registered at on 2003-05-15.

Help Wanted

Since English is not my mother tongue, there may possibly be mistakes in the homepage of "Expresso Game Template" project. If you think that some modifications are necessary in order that the expression will be more regular, or if you find somewhere that you cannot understand, please inform me. Thanks.

If you are interested in this project, and willing to develop a game of your own by using it, please do it. If you encounter any problems or difficulties during your development, please tell me. I'd like to provide you with more detailed information. This kind of help will be highly appreciated!

Screen Shots

Screen Shot 1
the pacman eating a bean; four weak fantomes and a dead fantome.

Screen Shot 2
the pacman; five living fantomes and a dead fantome.

Graphic Designs

Design of expresso-pacman logo, 495*190

Design of pacman, 24*24

Design of fantome, 24*24